BAMBOO Products & Training

Over the years, we have seen how bamboo has been changing our life. From landscaping to food production, many of us are unaware of the good it has brought in bringing us closer to the greener future.


Little do we know that bamboo is actually categorized as grass and releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent standing trees. And some species can even grow up to 2 inches in an hour! With a tensile strength that is comparable to mild steel and a weight-to-strength ratio surpassing that of graphite,  bamboo is the strongest growing woody plant on earth with one of the widest ranging habitats of more than 1500 species thriving in diverse terrain from sea level to 12,000 feet on every continent but the poles.

The most common bamboo products are furniture, handicrafts, and structures where the raw and engineered form of bamboo are combined to create a modern-meets-contemporary look. Upon getting a fresh and natural hues in spaces like living room, bamboo flooring works as good as any other timber flooring.